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If you are in need of top-notch termite inspection services in Yarralumla, you can choose 247 Termite Inspection Canberra. We offer excellent yet cost-effective termite inspection services to Canberra and the surrounding areas.

Our team of skilled pest control agents with years of expertise provides personalized inspection services for your termite infestation. You can definitely rely on us to opt for innovative yet non-toxic methods. We understand that health safety matters a great deal, and thus our experts follow all the safety regulations. Moreover, we use top-grade tools and devices for a successful inspection. Are you looking out for immediate termite inspection services? Give us a call, and we will handle all your queries without any hassle!

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    Termites are capable of causing major damages. Timber is their choice of food. They can cause extensive damage, including the furniture. As well as the financial damages. Fortunately, this situation can be avoided. Firstly, a termite inspection can prevent termites from entering homes. Therefore, consult a professional termite inspection company.

    247 Termite Inspection Canberra is one of the leading termite inspection companies in Yarralumla. Our job is to provide customized termite inspection Yarralumla and termite prevention services. Also, we do proper termite assessments. And provide the correct timber termite treatment for termite removal. Our termite professionals are trustable. Hence, contact us on our customer service number 02 6105 9069 today.

    Our pre-construction and termite inspection services are now available in Yarralumla

    Are you looking for a reliable termite inspection near you? Our pre-construction termite inspection services are now available. Firstly, this is an important step to prevent termites. There is a high chance of termite infestation during construction. Our inspection techniques are reliable. Moreover, we use termite barriers and termite detection tools. Our termite exterminator team thoroughly inspects the area. And also the soil is used during construction. Hence, these steps majorly prevent any chance of termites. Hence, choose us for pre-construction termite inspections. We also have reasonable termite treatment costs.

    How Often Should One Get A Professional Termite Inspection?

    Termites create an unpleasant situation. And the best way to avoid them is regular inspections. Whether it is a new property or an old one. A regular termite inspection can prevent a lot of damage. The ideal period is one year. There are two situations when termite inspections are necessary-

    • Firstly, if you are suspecting any termites in your home. Get a termite inspection done immediately.
    • Secondly, if one of your furniture is termite infested. Usually, we believe throwing away the timber will solve the problem. But the termites must have infested other timber as well.

    Hence, always get a professional opinion. Our company has been in this profession for years now. And we are a trustworthy option when it comes to termites.

    The Areas We Include During Our Termite Inspection And Treatment Process

    A thorough termite inspection is a must. All the areas must be checked properly. Moreover, termites can be found in unusual spots as well. Hence, our team is capable of performing integrated termite inspections. These are the areas we always look out for –

    • All wooden sections of the building – Firstly, termites attack timber. It is their food. Hence, any wood and timber section is inspected first.
    • External perimeters – Secondly, termites also live in soils. Sometimes, we change the soil in the gardens. And there might be termites in there. Hence, we also check gardens and other external areas.
    • The base of masonry walls – Masonry walls are used for maintaining the structure of a building. Hence, termites have also been spotted under them. Our team assesses the base of masonry walls.
    • The top surface of plinth filling under the slab – Lastly, we also inspect the plinth fillings. This is also a likely spot for termites.

    Signs To Look Out For A Termite Inspection

    The first step is to recognize the signs of termite infestation.

    • Firstly, any sign of wood damage indicates termites. Look out for holes and ruptures in the wooden furniture. Also, termites leave behind wood dust. This is like a dense fine powder called bore dust.
    • Check if your furniture sounds hollow. This means that the termites have eaten the wood from the inside. Hence, this is a sign for a professional termite inspection.
    • Secondly, look out for mud tubes on walls and floors. They also appear in the gardens. Hence, if you notice a mud tube in the house. Call our team to handle the termite situation.
    • Another sign is stuck doors and windows. Check the frames of the doors. If you notice holes and wood dust. This is also a sign of termites.
    • Also, look out for any termite mounds near your home.

    Hence, these are a few noticeable signs of termite infestation. Book our professional team of termite control Yarralumla today. And get the right termite treatment chemicals for your house.

    Precautions One Can Take To Prevent Termite Infestations At Home

    • Reduce moisture. Moisture attracts termites. Hence, if you have a humid environment. Try to use a dehumidifier. This will maintain the temperature. And also the termites.
    • Try to fix all the leaks in the house.
    • Lookout for any old wood or unwanted wood. Discard them immediately.
    • Maintain the hygiene of your house. Declutter the house regularly.
    • Keep soil away from your furniture.
    • Therefore, you can use borate powder. It is a very popular termite repellent.

    Hence, these are a few steps to follow. These will keep termites in check.

    We are available for emergency termite pest services in Yarralumla

    Need emergency termite pest services in Yarralumla? We are the right choice for you. Our customer service team is available all round the clock. Hence, we can handle any emergency termite situation. We also offer reasonable termite pre-purchase inspections in Yarralumla. Call us and book your emergency termite service today.